Links – our own Youtube channel! Mostly gramophones and thorn needles, but a few other things besides. – Graham is undoubtedly the premier exponent (and customer) of Burmese Colour Needles. Most of his Youtube videos feature one of his exquisitely re- engineered EMG Mk Xb Oversize (EMGCR) gramophones, and of course BCNs! Read all about his herculean endeavour here: – a clever and invaluable direct comparison between BCNs and steel needles. BassetHoundTrio is another friend who uses BCNs avidly – see his other videos! – there are various gramophone/phonograph forums around the world, but the TMF is one of the most comprehensive, and contains plenty of discussions of thorn and fibre needles. – we hope to upload more information on needle track alignment in due course. Meanwhile, this page of the late Graham Barber’s excellent website (maintained in his memory by his family) is extremely useful.

The Cult of the Fibre Needle (opens as a PDF) is an original source from 1934/35 covering key topics which appear in “Using BCNs” and “BCN FAQs”. The article is written specifically about bamboo rather than thorn needles, but apart from details regarding the needles themselves, the principles are the same. – Chunny’s fabulous online museum, dedicated to fine gramophones and especially his incredible collection of EMGs and Experts, which must be by far the largest in existence. In the ‘For Sale’ section he sells soundbox isolators made from natural rubber (the original and best material) and tyres to fit EMG Davey Rollright needle sharpeners.

Mike Comber – purveyor of fine 78s, and highly recommended – contact him on 01772 792127, 07850 856756 or He produces lists several times a year.

Ollie Reinhammar supplies excellent rubber tube for soundbox gaskets, and innovative soundbox isolators as well as bamboo needles. This page gives his email address and has a lot of useful information: as does this page (all the benefits noted for fibre needles apply equally to thorns):

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